Nuclear Energy


Nuclear energy is one of the world’s leading sources of low-carbon power and has profound potential to help meet rising energy demand while controlling emissions.   Despite this enormous potential, nuclear energy still has many challenges such as rising costs, increasing regulatory requirements and implacable opponents. While many nuclear plants are under construction in Asia, few are under way in Western Europe and North America.   At Full On Communications, we have significant experience developing and implementing integrated strategies for every facet of the nuclear energy sector from uranium mining to siting new facilities.​

Oil and Gas


The oil and gas industry remains the dominant energy sector despite increasing competition from other sources. US development of shale gas reserves has profoundly changed the energy landscape, helping the country lower its CO2 emissions and re-balancing trade  balances, but this effort is not without challenges.  Exploration and production of new oil reserves is another important pursuit that can be fraught with challenges.   Full On can help oil and gas companies with the communication tools and strategies they need to support their operations throughout the project life-cycle.



With growing need for low-carbon power generation renewables are enjoying fantastic growth and remains the fastest growing energy sector. Falling costs for  renewables are making them more competitive with traditional sources, and investment in new renewable energy projects reached $329 billion in 2015.  ​Despite this terrific growth, the path for new renewable projects is still strewn with many obstacles, such as opposition to new facilities, competition from other sources and public policy issues.    Our real world experience with communication strategies and tools for renewable companies can help you navigate this terrain.​​​​  ​​

Natural Resources


From copper to uranium, mining operations must engage  with a wide range of stakeholders as a necessary part of doing business. Today it is about more than just maintaining a license to operate, companies must educate stakeholders and keep them  informed about current operations, environmental impacts and future plans.   At Full On, we are experienced in developing integrated strategies for communicating with the wide  range of stakeholders of a modern mining operation.

Aerospace & Defense


The aerospace and defense sector involves complex technology, significant capital, and international relations. We can develop internal and external communication strategies to help companies cultivate   new markets, promote new products and services, or  address difficult issues. We can also help companies position themselves in a competitive international environment.

International Affairs


At Full On Communications, we can help organizations navigate complex international relations as they move into new markets, face political challenges and form new partnerships. We have worked with companies and other groups in countries on three continents and stand ready to assist your next opportunity.